In conclusion, the Lake Washington Floating Bridge allowed economic growth in the Puget Sound Region to accelerate in areas where it would have otherwise remained stagnant. Without the bridge the entire Eastside of Lake Washington would continue to be a rural farming area rather than the bustling collection of suburbs it is now. Bellevue would have remained unincorporated and nothing more than a collection of small shops along Main Street rather than the urban satellite city it is today. Ferries would continue to ply the waters of Lake Washington and Mercer Island would still be heavily forested with a tiny population and a deer hunting season. Seattle would barely be on the map with companies like Microsoft, currently located on the Eastside in Renton, choosing other areas with more space for development instead of the cramped area of Seattle. The Eastside and Seattle owe a great deal to the Lake Washington Floating Bridge and its designer Homer M. Hadley.

The floating bridge

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