Picture of AJ Fite A.J. Fite Software Engineer
[email protected]
(425) 610 9574
P.O. Box 3307
Renton, WA 98056


Flight Software Engineer with Blue Origin on an unannounced program under Space Systems Development. Alumni of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in Computer Engineering. Experienced software developer writing code primarily in Java and C++ for aerospace systems. Cleared since 2019 with DOD/Navy (LOJ since 2023).


Blue Origin Renton, WA
Flight Software Engineer Feburary 2023 - Present
  • Flight software for Space Systems Development
  • Flight software for New Glenn
Boeing Defense, Space, and Security Kent, WA
Software Engineer 2 July 2020 - Feburary 2023
Software Engineer 1 Feburary 2019 - July 2020
  • Member of the P-8 Mission Systems Communications Agile team
  • INMARSAT and Traffic Shaping SME for the program
  • Worked with Phantom Works COMC2 group on a loan out basis
  • Working primarily with Java and C++ in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment
  • Uses ClearCase and Git for source code management, JIRA for planning
  • Member of the ClearCase to Git transition team and Jenkins CI SME for the program
  • Works software through the full life cycle including planning, programming, testing, and assist with post deployment issues on live aircraft
Scientific Drilling International Paso Robles, CA
QA Intern April 2018 - December 2018
  • Worked with Software Engineers to validate firmware fixes and bug test software
  • Created TestComplete automation scripts to run automated tests on real oil drilling hardware
  • One of two SMEs on git and GitLab on the testing team
  • Part of the core team rolling out modern source control, CI, and test automation procedures for the company
TransUnion Interactive San Luis Obispo, CA
IT Intern June 2016 - June 2017
Sesame Communications Seattle, WA
Marketing Automation Intern April 2014 - September 2014
HR Technology Intern June 2013 - September 2013


Cal Poly Seal
B.S. Computer Engineering December 2018
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Highlighted Skills

Languages Java, C++, C, Python 3, Bash, Powershell/.Net, PHP, TestComplete
Systems & Software Jenkins, GitLab, Maven, ClearCase, Git, Jira, Confluence
Environments Aircraft Software, Linux (Ubuntu, RHEL), Windows/Windows Server, Embedded Systems, Agile


  • Radio Support Bellevue Office of Emergency Management 2018 - Present
  • CERT Volunteer City of Bellevue 2019 - Present
  • Radio Support Renton Office of Emergency Management 2019 - Present

Personal and Academic Projects

  • Tractor Hacking My Computer Engineering Capstone project, my team and I began the process of reverse engineering the internal communications protocol used by John Deere tractors.
    More info: tractorhacking.projects.ajfite.com
  • Solar Micro-Forecasting My senior project, my team and I designed a controller for a prototype dome shaped thermal imager and did basic computer vision work to attempt to predict near term cloud cover for use at solar facilities.
  • Baseball-Pi A Raspberry Pi Zero based live MLB scoreboard using SPI and I2C based display modules, and addressable RGB LEDs. A work in progress.

Selected Courses

  • CSC 471 - Introduction to Computer Graphics (C++/OpenGL)
  • CPE 464 - Introduction to Computer Networks (C/C++)
  • CPE 453 - Introduction to Operating Systems (C)
  • CSC 436 - Mobile Application Development (iOS/Swift)
  • CSC 365 - Introduction to Database Systems (SQL/MySQL)
  • CPE 357 - Systems Programming (C)
  • CPE 350/450 - Capstone Project (See projects section above)
  • CPE 329 - Programmable Logic and Microprocessor-Based Systems Design (C)
  • PHIL 327 - Robot Ethics
  • CPE 315 - Computer Architecture (C/Java/MIPS Assembly)
  • EE 307 - Digital Electronics and Integrated Circuits
  • EE 306 - Semiconductor Device Electronics
  • CPE 233 - Computer Design and Assembly Language (VHDL/Assembly)
  • ENGL 149 - Technical Writing
  • CPE 133 - Digital Design (VHDL)
  • CPE 101/102/103 - Fundamentals of Computer Science (C/Java)